Friday, May 11, 2007

Anticipating Hazy Lazy Days of Summer

Someone once told me that this would be the most exhausting time in my life. I've come to find truth in that statement! I think the month of May is busier than the month of December. The children's school year is almost finished, and with this closure comes all of the programs, parties and sports banquets. Add on top of the chaos Mothers Day, graduations, birthdays and a wedding or two, and you've got a recipe for complete exhaustion.

I've had to get creative in finding time to write, and I'm sure that will only get more complicated once the children are out for the summer. For Mothers Day we bought a 3 foot pool at Walmart for summer fun. It takes up my entire back patio but will be a wonderful babysitter! We've enrolled the children in swim lessons, dance lessons, baseball camp, and science camp too. Our hazy lazy days of summer will not be so lazy, but at the very least they will be entertaining!